Top 5 reasons why you need to consider working from home

Top 5 reasons why you need to consider working from home

To some people, the whole idea of working-from-home is more a fantasy and nothing more. Like, how would anyone want to work from home in their PJ’s and still make money? How on earth would anyone even consider that? Such a person has got to be a lazy-head and a weakling.

Well, if you belong to any of these schools of thought, I’m sorry to break it to you that it takes someone creative and clever to successfully work remotely and make money. And if there’s anyone like that around you, then you should give such person more credit than you’ve been doing.

Not that we’re against your belief that everyone should always wake in the morning to join the rush hour traffic, work their asses off in those uncomfy ties, and get home late at night. No, of course, that’s “cool” too.

We’re just saying this is 2020, baby – a digital age – and there are even more, “super-cool” ways to make money than we had in the times past. And guess what, many of them don’t require that you leave your corridor.

So for the benefit of those who still aren’t sure whether or not it’s worth it to work-from-home, here are some major benefits of remote jobs that your regular nine-to-five jobs can never beat.

  • The joy of working anywhere

When you work-from-home, you have the liberty to choose where and how your office will be, if at all, you desire to have one. The beautiful thing about this is that you get to achieve your daily goals right from the comfort of whatever and wherever you’ve chosen to be your office, thereby escaping the more rigid life most regular workers endure.

As a remote worker, you can work in your bedroom, move to your kitchen to make breakfast, go back to the room to continue working, and then move to the garden later in the day if you feel tired.

No regular worker can do this, sorry.

I, for one, have heard many regular workers complaining about how they hate sitting in one position for long hours. While such sob stories were saddening to hear, it became even more disheartening when I heard that sitting in one position for long hours is not even good for anyone’s health.

But guess what? Sitting in one position and being stationed in front of a radiation-emitting screen device is the theme of so many people’s lives.

  • Save a lot

When you talk to some people about the benefits of working remotely, they’re quick to point out the cost of commuting as the only cost you get to save and the only benefit that comes with remote jobs. But this is a far cry from the truth. Not only will a work-from-home situation save you from transportation costs, but it will also remove the need to buy those stylish shoes, bespoke suits, expensive ties from your life. Not to forget that you will also be able to cook and eat from home – a wonderful way to save on feeding costs.

Top 5 reasons why you need to consider working from home 2

  • Self-defined schedule

It doesn’t matter the theme of your work-from-home situation; you’ll always be the king of your own schedule. For example, if you’re a content developer, you can decide that in-between your work sessions, you want to have a 30-minute break for every three hours of work.

No regular worker can say this, except if they’re ready to be sent home. This can be music to the ears of night owls, who’re always complaining about how their jobs aren’t allowing them to catch enough sleep. With a perfect work-from-home situation, you can still put in your eight hours without starting at 8 AM.

  • Opportunity to learn more

If you’re the type of person who’s always thinking about honing new skills, improving their CV, bettering their career, and becoming more independent, then the perfect job for you is a work-from-home job.

Not only will you have the perfect “me-time” to Google search things randomly, but you’ll also be driven by your inherent urge for knowledge to learn more. That way, you will find out about new things, master them and improve at your own pace, without anyone cutting your sessions short, scolding you, or yelling at you to get back to work.

  • You will enjoy what you’re doing

Most regular workers today often complain about how they aren’t enjoying their jobs, but still doing them for the sake of paychecks. When you work-from-home, this can hardly be your story because you’ll most likely be doing what you love and enjoy.

Often times, remote jobs are jobs that you have passion for and not jobs that confine you to the four corners of a desk. For instance, if you’re working remotely as a web developer, you’re likely doing it because you love web development and not because someone or something is forcing you to do it. If you were only driven by the income, you could choose not to work on days when you have enough money. And take up gigs on days when you’re broke.


On a final note, there is so much to be benefited from working remotely. So, if there’s the slightest opportunity that you can find a work-from-home situation that pays well, my advice to you is that you should jump at it.

They’re not called jobs; they’re called FUN

Updated: August 5, 2020 — 3:19 am